One day in Abhazia

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Whole year
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Lake Riza located at 950 km, New Athos caves and monastery

Clean sea, beautiful beaches, majestic views of the snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus mountain range close to the coast – are essential components of the trip. Besides, bottomless caves, mountain lakes, deep gorges and waterfalls – will not leave you indifferent.

“Golden Ring of Abkhazia” - a tour that will make the biggest impression. In the morning we depart from Sochi Sea port to catch the boat to Gagra (Abkhazia), which will take 1h 30 min.  Gagra is a small and very friendly resort town, where we will visit Stalin's Dacha, which is located in the picturesque village called Cold River. Great combination of mountain and sea on the narrow coastal strip makes Gagra amazingly beautiful.

Our next stop is the resort town Pitsunda. Unlike the city of Gagra, Pitsunda is located in the lowlands. The mountains here are retreating 10 kilometers from the coast. Because of this, the climate in Pitsunda little less wet. Seawater at Cape Pitsunda are the cleanest and the clearest on the coast of the Black Sea. On the shore of Pitsunda we will have time to relax and have a lunch at traditional cafe.

The next place to visit is Lake Riza, the most popular place located at 950 km. above the sea level. The road to the lake runs between cliffs, constantly revealing different kinds of turbulent rivers. Along the way we met the waterfalls, "Maiden Tears" and "Men's tears". The lake water is just ice. In the summer, during the hottest water temperature there is only + 7 degrees. The depth of the lake up to 76 meters.

After visiting the lake by spending a little more time on the road will take you to the mysterious New Athos cave. Athos Cave is a whole underground city with a huge halls and lakes. Athos Cave is one of the largest caves in Abkhazia. An experienced guide will show you the 6 halls of New Athos cave and tell you about the history of the discovery of the cave, and the emergence of stalactites and stalagmites. Near the cave is the New Athos Monastery, which is functioning, so we are allowed to visit only the main cathedral of the monastery.

Duration of the tour - 13 hours

Important: Please note that you are required to have a visa to Abkhazia and a double entry visa for the return back to Russia.


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